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Aug 4th, 2013


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Lost In Translation

Aug 3rd, 2012

Because only an Expert can deal with The Problem.

Lost In Translation

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Bump: Giant Penis

Jul 29th, 2006

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FW: I Draw Pictures All Day

Aug 3rd, 2012

A nice survey of the art of doodling.

Doodling, drawing pictures and sketchnotating are about using visual skills to solve problems, to understand our world and to respond effectively. So, what are you waiting for? Doodle!

I Draw Pictures All Day @ Smashing Magazine

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Jun 20th, 2012

As noted previously, we at SBCI are sex poodles who commemorate each biennial anniversary of this blog by posting exclusive, personal, never-before-seen photos of beloved international sex kitten Sophie Howard.

As we enter year six — the penultimate and deadliest of the cycle — it turns out that dear Sophie has taken up residence with us at Sketchbook Acres. Clad in naught but classy lingerie and dreadfully expensive men’s shirts when “en casa” — to wit:

– we couldn’t be happier to host her for as long as she desires. Best Gift Ever!

Happy sixth!

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This strange rock formation was framing the window in the Beluga tank at Shedd Aquarium…

Apr 5th, 2012

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